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3DS:BootNTR v2.12 disponible

Le développeur Nanquitas a lancé une nouvelle version de son logiciel BootNTR ,qui a ajouté le support pour le dernier firmware v 11.8.Pour rappel ,BootNTR est un  sélectionneur de boot.


Téléchargement : BootNTR v2.12

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Par jvmgg
Le 9 août 2018
A 10 h 22 min
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Mise à jour du firmware 11.8.0-41 bloque le Luma3DS

Nintendo a lancé la mise à jour v11.8.0-41 qui bloque le Luma3DS,mais nous avons de la chance,le développeuse AuroraWright propose ropose un fix de Luma avec la version compilée.


Fix à télécharger sur https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/files/2243657/boot.firm.zip

Il suffit juste d’extraire le boot.firm et de le remplacer sur la SD.

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Par jvmgg
Le 1 août 2018
A 9 h 56 min
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Nouvelle version SX OS v1.4 disponible

La nouvelle version du SX OS v1.4  a été mise en ligne par la team Xecuter SX.cette nouvelle version propose beaucoup de nouveautés et changements.Vous pouvez remplacer le fichier « boot.dat » à la racine de votre MicroSD pour effectuer la mise à jour.

Mise à jour SX OS v1.4 disponible  dans Actu txos14

Le SX PRO est en stock sur JVmonde.com ,expédition rapide dans 24 heures .


  • Integrated NSP installer
    With our last update we introduced the possibility of installing eShop NSP titles. However, this relied on using external tools and wasn’t very user friendly. In this release we bring our own integrated NSP installer as part of our menu system. This is the neatest and easiest way of installing NSP titles, enjoy!
  • Integrated homebrew launcher
    Launching homebrew used to be done by launching NX HBMenu by holding R when entering the album. While we kept this possibility (mostly for developers), you can now also launch your favorite homebrew directly from our own menu!
  • IR / motion plus issue fixed
    A few games (like 1-2-Switch and Resident Evil) were suffering from freezes when enabling the joycon IR camera or motion controls.
  • Allow unsigned NCA
    People asked us if we could get rid of the NCA integrity checks, so we did! Custom NCA files, modified NCA files and repackaged NCA files should all work fine now.
  • Display SX OS version in menu
    To better distinguish the different versions of SX OS we introduced a small version number display in our menu.
  • LayeredFS fixes for 4.1.0
    There were certain issues with ‘LayeredFS’ for people on firmware 4.1.0. If you use ‘LayeredFS’ on that specific firmware there’s good news for you: these issues have been identified and fixed!
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Par jvmgg
Le 25 juillet 2018
A 10 h 10 min
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émulateur VBA-Next Switch v0.7 disponible

Le développeur RSDuck a lancé la nouvelle version 0.7 du VBA-Next qui propose des nouveautés et des changements.Pour rappel visualBoy Advance (VBA) est un émulateur de Game Boy / Game Boy Advance.


Changelog 0.7:

- Cheat support. They can be directly entered from the emulator, just enter the cheats menu from the pause menu.
- Fullscreen UI in docked mode(though the implementation isn’t optimal, also currently not tested)
- Some minor improvements and adjustments, seriously

Mais le développeur indique que la version 0.7 sera la version finale ,parce que il va travailler avec le VBA-M, un fork du VBA-Next.

Téléchargement de vba-next switch v0.7

Le SX PRO et la licence SX OS pour hack votre console nintendo Switch, sont disponibles sur JVmonde.com

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Par jvmgg
Le 18 juillet 2018
A 9 h 53 min
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Nouvelle SX OS v1.3 disponible supporte LayeredFS

La team Xecuter SX continuent à évoluer leur logique SX OS, ils ont lancé hier la nouvelle version du sx os qui ont ajouté des nouveautés importantes .par exemple :l’ajout du support pour le LayeredFS  et Eshop NSP.

Vous pouvez commander le Xecuter SX PRO et SX OS sur JVmonde.com,expédition immédiate en Europe.


* Add LayeredFS support

Are you excited about any upcoming Game Mods for switch games? Well, we are! To
accommodate this we have added what is commonly referred to as « LayeredFS » support.
In short what this allows you to do is override specific files from a game with
modified copies that are loaded from your microSD’s (ex)FAT partition.

Place your custom game files under the following locations on the microSD root:
- /sxos/titles/<titleid>/exefs/
- /sxos/titles/<titleid>/romfs/

We can’t wait to see what cool mods the community will come up with!

* Add eShop NSP support

This adds support for installing and launching installed eShop NSP files. This
is still rough around the edges and for advanced users only. To install NSP
files you need a legitimate copy of the DevMenu, which can be launched
currently via LayeredFS. We are still working on adding a custom and easy to
use NSP installer to our own menu system. Stay tuned!

WARNING: We do not recommend playing online with installed eShop NSP games
without a valid ticket, as this WILL lead to a console ban without a doubt.


* Add low battery reconfiguration on bootup

Some users were having battery issues after playing around with Switch Linux
custom payload. This fixes the « battery desync » issue every time you boot your
switch. If you weren’t use Switch Linux there’s nothing to worry, otherwise;
enjoy your penguins AND enjoy your horizon OS! ;-)

* Hide OSX Temp files in game selection menu

If you were pestered by bogus entries in the game selection menu chances are
high this is because you are using OSX (and Finder). We simply hide those files
from the menu now. All cleaned up!

* Removed eMMC password lock

It seems a perfectly safe and easily reversible hacker challenge we put in place for aspiring hackers has been
blown out of proportion. We are sad to see so many false claims on the internet
and to avoid any further false accusations and ‘fake news’ we decided to get rid
of it. Namaste.

téléchargement ICI


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Par jvmgg
Le 4 juillet 2018
A 5 h 54 min
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Xecuter SX Pro et SX OS disponible sur JVmonde.com

Actuellement nous avons reçu le grand Batch de SX PRO,donc nous allons expédier rapidement votre commande de SX PRO après acceptation du règlement . et le SX OS est toujours en stock,expédition dans 1-12 heures par mail.

Photo du stock de SX PRO:


lien d’achat :http://www.jvmonde.com/952-switch-sx-hack-la-console-switch-de-la-team-xecuter.html


SX OS : licence d’activation à 23.00 euros, expédition immédiate par mail après acceptation du règlement .

lien d’achat :http://www.jvmonde.com/954-xecuter-sx-os-installation-cfw-pour-la-console-switch.html


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Par jvmgg
Le 3 juillet 2018
A 9 h 04 min
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Mise à jour v1.1 pour SX OS disponible

La team Xecuter SX a lancé hier une mise à jour pour leur logiciel SX OS,ils ont amélioré la compatibilité du homebrew et ajouté le support du certificat XCI et la protection de la fusée .

  • Improved homebrew compatibility
    We’ve had reports of some homebrew not running at full speed or not working at all, these issues have been resolved. As you’re probably aware, you can enjoy homebrew with SX OS for FREE! (without a license)
  • Added fuse burn protection
    Some people are worried about burning their consoles’ fuses, preventing downgrades and possibly hindering upcoming emuNAND support. To put these minds at ease we now prevent these fuses from burning.
  • Support user cert in XCI
    To play online your game (XCI) files need to have a unique certificate embedded. We now properly emulate these certificates, so dumps that have them embedded will be able to play online! Beware though, it is *not* advised to share a certificate with multiple people. Your best option is to make a backup of your own cartridges for the games that you want to play online. A way to do this currently is using WAIN v0.0.3, which can be found here.

Mise à jour v1.1 pour SX OS disponible  dans Actualités sxos11

  • amélioration de la compatibilité du homebrew
  • ajout de la protection de la fusée
  • ajouté le certificat du XCI


Le SX OS est en stock sur JVmonde.com ,au prix de 23.00 euros,expédition rapide par E-Mail.

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Par jvmgg
Le 22 juin 2018
A 7 h 46 min
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confirmé :sky3ds+ et sky3ds fonctionnent sur le dernier firmware 11.7

le téléchargement du firmware 11.7.0-40 est disponible maintenant ,ce nouveau firmware propose une amélioration de la stabilité du système et expérience des utilisateurs.

Nous avons testé e linker sky3ds+ et sky3ds en premier temps ,et c’est confirmé :sky3ds+ et sky3ds fonctionnent sur le dernier firmware 11.7.

test du sky3ds+

IMG_16 IMG_161 IMG_162

Test du sky3ds:


le sky3ds+ et sky3ds fonctionnent correctement sur le dernier firmware 11.7.0-40,donc vous pouvez faire la MAJ sans souci .

Sky3ds+ à 65.00 euros ,sky3ds à 35.00 suros sur JVmonde.com

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Par jvmgg
Le 19 juin 2018
A 8 h 42 min
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première vidéo unboxing du Xecuter SX Pro disponible

La team Xecuter a publié récemment une annonce sur leur site officiel avant les testeurs reçoivent leur Dongles,ils ont publié une nouvelle FAQ  et une vidéo de unboxing a été mise en ligne .

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


  • Q: Is SX affected by the dreaded « battery desync » problem?
    As far as we are aware this battery desync problem currently only occurs when running Linux on your Switch.
    While extensively testing SX OS, including booting SX OS with AutoRCM we have not ran into a single battery desync issue ourselves.
    SX OS itself isn’t based on Linux. We *do* allow people to run Linux (and other payloads) through our « external payload » functionality. This is at your own risk.
    If we had to give the community a hint as to where to start looking into this « battery desync » problem we’d suggest looking into how the Fuel Gauge IC (MAX17050, I2C1 addr 36) is being used by Nintendo’s OS and by Linux.
  • Q: If I boot in OFW mode and play my original purchased game online, am I safe?
    Yes, you are safe to play original games online in OFW mode.
  • Q: Does SX OS plays the original games in CFW mode?
    Yes, it does.
  • Q: If I download eShop games to an SD card, can I also run SX OS on that card?
    Or do I need separate cards for Nintendo eShop games and SX OS games?
    You can use the same SD card.

Pré commande  du Xecuter SX Pro est disponible sur JVmonde.com,commandez maintenant ,recevoir le premier !

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Par jvmgg
Le 12 juin 2018
A 8 h 56 min
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La production du Xecuter SX Pro a commencé

Selon la nouvelle du site officiel de la team Xecuter SX Pro ,la production du linker Xecuter SX Pro a commencé et ils ont montré des photos de l’usine .et nous pensons que la distribution aux revendeurs officiel sera rapide .

La production du Xecuter SX Pro a commencé  dans Actualités SX-LINE

  • Q: Is SX OS compatible with firmware 5.1.0
    Of course. And as we stated before, it will be compatible with the next updates as well. We are offering a future proof solution.
  • Q: Will the SX OS for people who bought it ‘stand alone’ be delivered before the SX OS for people who bought SX Pro?
    Not necessarily. SX Pro will be shipped in the days to come to distributors. SX OS will be unlocked a bit after the reviewers get their units (all reviewers receive SX Pro).
    So depending on the speed of delivery to your distributor and then to you, SX Pro could come before SX OS stand alone. It probably will be very close.
  • Q: Why is there – and + symbols engraved in the SX Pro dongle?
    Since USB-C devices can be plugged in either way, people are worried if dongle plugged in upside down, the + on left and – on right, and SX label facing down, that the Switch will blew up or get bricked, etc.
    They are here just for cosmetic reasons. The – symbol is also the LED window.
  • Q: Yikes, those are two huge caps in render picture? Is that going to taser my Switch, damage my system, or zap me!
    Super Cap’s actually (super-capacitor), 0.35F 2.7V, given the transport issues with Lithium based batteries SuperCap’s are fast becoming the go to temporary power source.
    No zapping ( very low voltage ) and we limit the charge current to ~400mA peak for either USB port.
  • Q: Huh, two caps, how do they get ‘charged’? Do I have now and then plug my dongle into micro-USB cable to charge it, what happens when it runs out of power? — Why not battery instead? — Does it instead drain my Switch battery, what happens if I leave it plugged in.
    The SuperCap’s are charged from either usb port ( USB-C or Micro USB ). The caps offer approximately 1 week standby time with enough energy left for one boot, or at least 5 successive boots without the opportunity to auto-charge. Charge to 80% is achieved (automatically) within 1-2 seconds of entry into the Nintendo start menu. We are working reducing that considerably … (see above for why not battery). Because we are powered by s-cap’s we have a very power conscious design.
    Leaving the dongle in the console for more than a minute is pointless but will do no harm in any way to the dongle and drain very little battery ( currently we draw ~25mA but will work on reducing that considerably after ~1-2 minutes charge mode).
  • Q: Can I charge my Switch via dongle?
    Using just micro-usb cable, removing the need of needing a proper usb-c cable.
    Sadly no, our intent for the micro USB port was for charging the dongle and firmware updates, but might be something we will consider for future hardware revisions, thanks.
  • Q: There been reports of cables, and docks without that bricked the battery charging circuit, are we at risk with SX Pro solution?
    No, simply because we do not support charging. The dongle uses both USB ports only for receiving charge.
  • Q: Is TX coming up with solution for those that leave their Switch always ‘docked’?
    Its nice, that is portable, but some users never go ‘portable’, they are DOCK only fans, what about them?
    If the demand is there, it is something we can develop.


Notre boutique JVmonde est le revendeur officiel du Xecuter SX Pro, et la pré -commande  est disponible maintenant !livraison gratuite  prévu le 15/Juin/2018!

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Le 4 juin 2018
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