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nouvelle version Luma3DS v9.0 disponible

la nouvelle version de luma3ds a été mise en ligne par sa développeuse AuroraWright, la nouvelle version de NTRboot a été lancé pour supporter le luma3ds v9.0.


Changelog luma3ds v9.0:

* Use open source reimplementations of the SM and PXI FIRM modules
* Fixed breakpoints in the Rosalina debugger (thanks @Nanquitas)
* Added RAM viewer/editor/dumper feature to Rosalina (thanks @LiquidFenrir)
* Rosalina now cleanly reboots the console when the option is selected
* Fixed Rosalina screenshots for RGB5_A1/RGBA4 framebuffer formats (used for example in Virtual Console titles)
* Stubbed isTitleAllowed to allow Nintendo-blocked titles to launch (outdated Ironfall/Flipnote Studio 3D/etc)
* ARM9 exheader and FS patches are now always applied as they cause no drawbacks
* Throw an error if file writes or emuNAND boot are attempted while the SD card is write-locked
* Display boot source on the bottom screen in the config menu
* The console will now shutdown when the shell is closed in the Luma menus, unless the user booted via ntrboothax
* Numerous Exception Handler fixes
* FatFS updated to v0.13
* Check if NWM is running before allowing WiFi toggling in Rosalina
Téléchargement : Luma3DS v9.0
La nouvelle version de NTRboot 2.10:
  • Luma3DS 9.0 support thanks to @astronautlevel2
  • RomFS size reduced thanks to @mzino
  • Fix a bug in the updater


Téléchargement : NTRboot v2.10

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Le 21 décembre 2017
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