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Mise à jour v1.1 pour SX OS disponible

La team Xecuter SX a lancé hier une mise à jour pour leur logiciel SX OS,ils ont amélioré la compatibilité du homebrew et ajouté le support du certificat XCI et la protection de la fusée .

  • Improved homebrew compatibility
    We’ve had reports of some homebrew not running at full speed or not working at all, these issues have been resolved. As you’re probably aware, you can enjoy homebrew with SX OS for FREE! (without a license)
  • Added fuse burn protection
    Some people are worried about burning their consoles’ fuses, preventing downgrades and possibly hindering upcoming emuNAND support. To put these minds at ease we now prevent these fuses from burning.
  • Support user cert in XCI
    To play online your game (XCI) files need to have a unique certificate embedded. We now properly emulate these certificates, so dumps that have them embedded will be able to play online! Beware though, it is *not* advised to share a certificate with multiple people. Your best option is to make a backup of your own cartridges for the games that you want to play online. A way to do this currently is using WAIN v0.0.3, which can be found here.

Mise à jour v1.1 pour SX OS disponible  dans Actualités sxos11

  • amélioration de la compatibilité du homebrew
  • ajout de la protection de la fusée
  • ajouté le certificat du XCI


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Par jvmgg
Le 22 juin 2018
A 7 h 46 min
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