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SX OS 1.7 compatible avec firmware switch 6.0

La nouvelle version du SX OS a été mise en ligne  par la team XECUTER SX ,dans cette version ,ils nous propose la compatibilité avec le nouveau firmware de la console nintendo Switch 6.0.



To make for a smooth landing we have adapted your beloved SX OS to be fully compatible with the yet to be released firmware 6.0! We’ll save you the fairy-tales of implied time-travel and such, but let’s just say we got to have a look at this firmware a bit ahead of schedule.

Currently, there is no easy (or endorsed by Team-Xecuter) method for manually installing this major update, but if there’s sufficient demand we will devise a method. (Possibly helpful for those of you who got « super-banned » somehow)

That’s it for today! Enjoy the most future proof solution for your Switch!


SX OS licence d’activation et SX PRO sont en vente sur JVmonde.com


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Par jvmgg
Le 3 septembre 2018
A 10 h 03 min
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